Pool and spa valet services

Perfect for the holiday house, people on the go or to just make sure every things works just right.
Give us a ring/email 2-3 days before you arrive and we can have the spa up and running for your arrival. Keep your pool in great shape and catch any problems before they develop into major issues by having your pool checked monthly. No more frozen pipes or damage from poor water quality. 

Monthly, fortnightly or even weekly valet servicing for spas

A spa service includes-

  • Checking all functions are working on the touchpad
  • Check the condition of the filters
  • Check & empty the skimmer basket
  • Add/drain water as necessary
  • Vacuum the spa
  • Water quality testing
  • Addition of any chemicals needed 

A valet pool service includes -

  • Checking all machinery - pumps, filters & dosing unit
  • Backwash
  • skimmer box checked & emptied
  • Water level checked
  • Chemical balancing based on water analysis

Vacuuming charged out at hourly rate.